Young children can learn about the musical arts

This winter, kids can get moving with a new online class that offers weekly music and movement lessons.

The Toutoui program, offered by a Montreal company called Musicalité, offers weekly music lessons aimed at optimizing the development of young children. The program allows parents, guardians or educators and children to move and be active. By registering, you have access to a variety of guides and workshops. The basic program will be presented in the form of videos, which will also be accompanied by downloadable PDF guides including lyrics, tips and descriptions.

According to Juliana Velez of Musicalité, “Toutoui is a platform for learning music while having fun. It enhances deep developmental elements while learning music in a fun way.

Aimed at children ages 1-6, as well as older children with special needs, the workshops provide stimulating, active and interactive ways to explore music. One of its main characteristics is that it invites the participation of parents, allowing them to form a stronger bond with their children. Velez says children will learn more easily if their model is having fun next to them. For busy parents, don’t worry! The program is primarily intended for children and does not require the presence of anyone else. That way, if you need to keep your child entertained for about half an hour, turn on the classroom and let them be active!

During the eight-week program, participants will have access to eight or nine activities, which translates to approximately 35 minutes of music per week. The program is flexible and classes can be completed at any time of the week. The class structure remains the same and gradually expands, encouraging children to explore different aspects of music over two months.

Due to its flexibility, parents can choose to implement it whenever they want during their weekly schedule. Velez says the key is frequency and repetition; taking the course every week for the eight weeks will have the greatest impact on learning and growth. And she adds that the main goals are to prepare children to play an instrument later in life and to develop an appreciation for music.

The program is offered at an introductory price of $150 for individuals and $400+ for groups. The cost includes eight weeks of content, videos, guides and special access to information groups, activities and access offers for one year.

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